Canadian Dental University Skills

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Canadian Dental University Skills


Covers / Topics

  • Class II amalgam preparation
  • Class II amalgam restoration
  • Class II composite resin restoration
  • Class III preparation
  • Class IV preparation
  • Class V preparation
  • Inlay/Onlay preparation
  • Rubber Dam
  • PFM/ACC Crown Preparation
  • FMC Preparation
  • Provisional Crown Fabrication
  • Veneer Preparation

** Any other exercise required beyond the above for a particular university will also be covered as per need.

Instructions & Material Documents

Download Link: Instruments & Materials - Universities

Canadian Dental University Admissions

Bench Tests, ACS&I and PLA Prep Planner 2020

Track / Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug SEP OCT
Track A $4500* U of Sask
Track B (B1 - $6500* | B2 - $3000) + hst PLA (UWO), UMan UofA (Add-on)
Track C $4500* PLA (UWO), UMan
Track D $6500* + hst UofA
Track E $2500* Dal
UNI TEST U of Sask PLA (UWO), UMan Dal UofA UofT

* All Courses Subject to Availability; Conditions Apply; Management reserves right to change schedules; All Prices Exclusive of Taxes


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