Integrated National Dental Board Exam (INBDE)

Course Information


  • 22 lectures (3 hours each)
  • Handouts (PowerPoint format)
  • 1000+ practice questions with explanations (fabricated as per new INBDE guidelines)
  • 2 Mock Exams
  • 2 Mock Exam Discussion Sessions
  • Course starts on May 3, 2020 (Registrations Open)
  • INBDE Exam Registration starts Aug 1, 2020
manpreet kakkar

Dr. Manpreet Kakkar

ankita inbde

Dr. Ankita Chakarvarty


Schedule 2020

  • Please note that the information provided is subject to change.
  • All Times below are shown in Local time zone.
Saturday May 2 11am-2pm General Anatomy-1 Dr. Ankita
Sunday May 3 11am-2pm General Anatomy-2 Dr. Ankita
Saturday May 09 11am-2pm General Pathology Dr. Ankita
Sunday May 10 11am-2pm Microbiology Dr. Ankita
Saturday May 16 11am-2pm Physiology Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Sunday May 17 11am-2pm Biochemistry Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday May 23 11am-2pm Pharmacology-1 Dr. Ankita
Sunday May 24 11am-2pm Dental Anatomy/Occlusion Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday May 30 11am-2pm Pharmacology-2 Dr. Ankita
Sunday May 31 11am-2pm Prosthodontics-1 Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday June 06 11am-2pm Oral Pathology-1 Dr. Ankita
Sunday June 07 11am-2pm Prosthodontics-2 Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday June 13 11am-2pm Oral Pathology-2 Dr. Ankita
Sunday June 14 11am-2pm Oral surgery Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday June 20 11am-2pm Radiology Dr. Ankita
Sunday June 21 11am-2pm Endodontics Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday June 27 11am-2pm Pedodontics/ Orthodontics Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Sunday June 28 11am-2pm Operative Dentistry Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday July 04 11am-2pm Periodontics-1 Dr. Ankita
Sunday July 05 11am-2pm Implantology Dr. Manpreet Kakkar
Saturday July 11 11am-2pm Periodontics-2 Dr. Ankita
Sunday July 12 11am-2pm Patient management Dr. Ankita
Friday July 17 TBA Mock-1 TBA
Saturday July 18 TBA Mock-1(Discussion) TBA
Sunday July 19 TBA Mock-1(Discussion) TBA
Friday July 24 TBA Mock-2 TBA
Saturday July 25 TBA Mock-2(Discussion) TBA
Sunday July 26 TBA Mock-2(Discussion) TBA