Basic Info :

Lens System

  • Galilean: 
    • Set of two —a concave eyepiece and a convex objective
  • Prismatic / Keplerian
    • Two or more positive convex lenses


  • Galilean: 
    • Mostly Lower (2.0–3.5x)
  • Prismatic / Keplerian
    • Mostly Higher (3.5–6.0x)


  • Galilean: 
    • Lightweight and affordable
  • Prismatic / Keplerian
    • At lower price points, heavier; limited width of field

Optical Aspects to Look At :

Lens System

DOF (cm)

Lens Attachment

L (mm)


Wt (g)

FOV (mm)

Illumination Aspects to Look At :

Light Circle
(Diffused / Sharp)

Light Colour Temperature (Yellow / White)

Light Attachment
(Universal / Specific)

Filter ?


Battery Life

Battery Tethering (Wired / Wireless)

2nd Loupes Expo 2019

Nov 30 - Dec 1

If you're looking to buy your first, second or even third pair of loupes and want to have an apple-to-apple comparison under one roof, this is your opportunity to make the most informed decision that you can!

Some Providers :

  • Designs for Vision

  • Lenscan Medical

  • Orascoptic

  • LumaDent

  • Q-Optics

  • Rose Micro Solutions

  • SurgiTel

  • Ultra Light Optics

More Updates Coming Soon...