CIDE Policies

TDLC Facility Timetable

  • Please respect and adhere to the specific CIDE Schedule & Course Calendar
  • Saturdays are off except when Friday is missed due to any other CDE course pre-scheduled TDLC program

Entry & Exit of the CIDE facility

  • On snowy and muddy days, please wipe boots thoroughly on front mats when entering building
  • Trainees need to sign in and out daily
  • Hang coats in the back cupboard of the main training room
  • Exit through front doors of the building

Facility Use

  • Stations need to be cleaned before leaving (leave it as you found it - or cleaner!)
  • Put your chair fully in, position the light down, empty garbage & water, foot pedal under the chair
  • Photography or video recording of course content is not allowed
  • Lock your lockers for safety - no food allowed in the lockers please

Use of Kitchen & Meals

  • Kitchen is for your dining area for eating meals and snacks
  • No food is allowed in the training facility
  • Use the designated fridge to store your labeled lunches/drinks & there are paper cups to use for coffee
  • Unplug the kettle after use
  • Avoid leaving food in the fridge at day end

Clinical Operatory

  • Cannot be used unless it has been duly assigned

Cleanliness & Neatness

  • Please respect all areas - main training area, your own work area, kitchen and washrooms
  • Empty your waste paper basket into main garbage disposal

Use of cell phones

  • No cell phones please in the training room so that you do not distract others

Free Wi-Fi

  • Code is tdlceduc8

Restrictions & General Protocols

  • No use of main private registration office or access to the cupboard behind
  • Avoid putting on any TVs while working
  • Report any damage to floors, walls, water leakage etc. immediately to Harriet in Sherwood Dental on the 2nd floor
  • Respect for all, and everyone, especially the operating protocols of the facility
  • Please contact Dr. Abbas Naqvi or Harriet Kornbluth for any concerns or questions

We wish you all the very best in your endeavours and we are fully committed to help you succeed.

Thank you!

Dr. Abbas Naqvi, Project Director CIDE

Dr. Paul Eisner, Mentor