Dental Fundamentals  (Mar - Jul | Sep - Jan)

The Comprehensive Fundamental Knowledge Course.

Course Highlights

Unique Design and Delivery

Based on the cumulative experiences and candidate feedback over the past several years, CIDE now offers a unique format that will bring a completely different Fundamental Knowledge preparation experience to aspiring candidates.

Based on extensive candidate feedback, the new redesigned course is a unique combination of live & pre-recorded lectures, Q&A discussion sessions, handouts, quizzes and mock test that will bring a refreshing experience to students all over the globe with the right proportion and distribution of course components.

  • Flexible (Start ANYTIME!!!) 1

  • Affordable 2

  • Customizable 3

  • Live + Recordings

  • Course Design based on Candidate Feedback

  • Optimized for Online Learning

  • Lectures, Q&A Sessions, Mocks, Notes, You Name it!

1  Conditions Apply | 2 $2500+hst after 15% Early Bird Discount – ask for the coupon code | 3 Modular Packages

Meet your instructors!

Full Course


  • Lectures covering all required topics 
  • Quizzes,
  • Review Sessions
  • Mock Exams 
  • Mock Exam Discussions 
  • WhatsApp group 

Course Tuition

  • Full Course with Mock: $2875+hst


  • 1 Mock + Discussion $500+hst
  • 2 Mocks + Discussion + 2 Review Sessions $1000+hst

Course Schedule

Live (review/interactive) sessions:

dfk11 schedule


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