Dental Fundamentals  (Mar - Jul | Sep - Jan)

The Comprehensive Fundamental Knowledge Course.

Course Highlights

Unique Design and Delivery

Based on the cumulative experiences and candidate feedback over the past several years, CIDE now offers a unique format that will bring a completely different Fundamental Knowledge preparation experience to aspiring candidates.

Based on extensive candidate feedback, the new redesigned course is a unique combination of live & pre-recorded lectures, Q&A discussion sessions, handouts, quizzes and mock test that will bring a refreshing experience to students all over the globe with the right proportion and distribution of course components.

  • Flexible (Start ANYTIME!!!) 1

  • Affordable 2

  • Customizable 3

  • Live + Recordings

  • Course Design based on Candidate Feedback

  • Optimized for Online Learning

  • Lectures, Q&A Sessions, Mocks, Notes, You Name it!

1  Conditions Apply | 2 $2500+hst after 15% Early Bird Discount – ask for the coupon code | 3 Modular Packages

Meet your instructors!

Dr. M. Al-Sammarraie
Dr. Hadi Shebli-2
Dr. Mohamad Ibrahim
Dr. Mariyum Fakhruddin
Full Course


  • Lectures covering all required topics 
  • Quizzes,
  • Review Sessions
  • Mock Exams 
  • Mock Exam Discussions 
  • WhatsApp group 

Course Tuition

  • Full Course with Mock: $2500+hst
    (after 15% Early Bird Discount)


  • 1 Mock + Discussion $500+hst
  • 2 Mocks + Discussion + 2 Review Sessions $1000+hst

Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 Schedule

Live (review/interactive) sessions:


Online Video Chapters

All topics available on-demand from the beginning of the course

  • Pharma/Medical conditions

  • Pathology

  • LA/Medical Emergencies

  • EBD/Ethics and Regulations

  • Perio

  • Ortho Pedo/Sedation Endo

  • Restorative

  • Fixed Prosthodontics Surgery

  • Removable Prosthodontics Basic

  • Science

  • Radiology


CIDE is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, sponsored, supported or funded in any way by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB). Test names and other trademarks such as "NDEB", "BNED", logos or design of the NDEB are the property of the NDEB and not trademarks of CIDE.


Student Testimonials


Dr. Robin Joseph

I had a great learning experience under Dr Amjed who, is a very dedicated and organized teacher that I have met in my Canadian Dental license journey. I wish him every success for his future training with aspiring students, who I can assure are in good hands!



Dr. Ayesha Haque

I will not hesitate in writing this testimonial. Studying from Dr Amjad has been a very good experience. He has thorough knowledge and is a learned teacher and a person. He is also a humane person who has guided me at various steps of my journey.


Dr. Sahar Jamshed

Dr Amjed is an amazing teacher with the kindest heart. I am so thankful that you are the part of my journey and struggle to work as a dentist in Canada. The foundation you are providing through your guidance and unwavering support gives me faith and confidence to grow and meet the challenges of my future.


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Dr. Mufakhar Abbas

Dr Amjed Alhajjaj is not only a very understanding teacher who knows student expectations, queries and concerns but also a wonderful person. His teaching is effective and provides students with knowledge based techniques to crack exams evaluating Fundamental Dental Knowledge.


Fahad Naeem

Dr. Fahad Naeem

It is my pleasure writing this testimonial for Dr. Amjed. He is an exceptional teacher who is genuinely concerned about his students and goes out of his way to teach them, I have always seen him making efforts to accommodate every student according to that student's needs. He has a very organized approach towards tackling this exam which he gradually imparts to his students.
My experience with him has been no less than extraordinary, I have always felt that I made less of an effort in achieving my scores only because half of the effort was made by him.
Dr. Amjed, I thank you for your hard work and support that made it possible for me to perform well and achieve my goals. I wish you nothing but great things for the future!


Dr. Abiha Khwaja

It's my honour that Dr. Amjed taught me and help me passing my AFK. He has the ability to make difficult tasks easy. I found his teaching very helpful. What inspired me the most is that he teaches you how to focus on your strength and work on the subjects which are not your strength. This is haw I was able to pass my exam easily.
I would recommend Dr. Amjed course because nowadays it is very difficult to find a good teacher for AFK so it is a lifetime opportunity for the students to get as much knowledge as possible from him in-class and secure your future.

I thank Dr. Amjed for all his efforts and motivation, and I wish good luck to all the future students.