Instruments & Materials

Some Providers

  • Candent (Mississauga)
  • Crosstek (burs)
  • Dental Mart Sales (Mississauga)
  • HiTeck Medical Instruments
  • Larr Sales (Markham)
  • NA Medical & Dental (Mississauga)
  • Dental 2000 (Scarborough)
  • Zendo

Major Providers

  • Henry Schein

    (Niagara - Concord)

  • Patterson Dental


  • Sinclair Dental


  • Amax Dental

    (St. Catherines, ON– Calgary, AB – Rigaud, QC)

2nd Loupes Expo 2019

Nov 30 - Dec 1

If you're looking to buy your first, second or even third pair of loupes and want to have an apple-to-apple comparison under one roof, this is your opportunity to make the most informed decision that you can!