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Dental Clinical Judgement

The clinical judgement exam has evolved from the most easiest step in the equivalency process to being the most trickiest one. In recent years, the Clinical Judgement Pass Rates have nose-dived from 70% to the 30%. This has caused candidates to feel confused and stressed to say the least. 

However, there haven't been many choices for ITDs aspiring to become Licensed Canadian Dentists in the past, but not anymore!

Building up on the Highly Successful (62%) Dental Clinical Judgement Study Club, CIDE is pleased to bring together two of the most Talented Instructors Drs. Omar Matar & Joey Mersal to make this confusing, critical & complicated step simpler.

When you have someone who has scored in the 90's in this challenging exam, you can be sure that they know (and will tell you) a few things you definitely need to know!

Dr. Omar Matar

Dr. Omar Matar

joey mersal-cropped

Dr. Joey Mersal


Sessions (Mar-May | Sept-Nov)

  • Radiology 
  • Treatment Planning 
  • Reviews 

Mocks (May / Nov)

Mock 1 & 2

Format: 60qs Book 1 + 60qs Book 2

Price: $399+hst (Includes Discussion)



  • $2,250 + hst
    (10% off for CIDE AFK Students)
Date DAY TIME (EST) TOPIC Instructor
25-Sep Wednesday 19:00 Intro to Radiology Yousef Mersal
26-Sep Friday Radiology Quiz Online
28-Sep Saturday 19:00 Quiz Discussion - Online Omar Matar
29-Sep Sunday 14:00 Pharma/Medical conditions Yousef Mersal
2-Oct Wednesday Pharma/Pt Mgmt quiz Online
2-Oct Wednesday Radiology quiz 2 Online
5-Oct Saturday 19:00 Quiz Discussion - Online Omar Matar
6-Oct Sunday 14:00 Pathology Yousef Mersal
9-Oct Wednesday Pathology quiz Online
9-Oct Wednesday Radiology quiz 3 Online
11-Oct Friday 9:00 Quiz Discussion - Online Yousef Mersal
12-Oct Saturday 9:00 LA/Medical Emergencies Omar Matar
13-Oct Sunday 9:00 Endo/diagnostic tests Omar Matar
19-Oct Saturday Mini-Mock 1 Online
20-Oct Sunday 9:00 Mini-mock discussion - Online Yousef Mersal
26-Oct Saturday 9:00 Periodontics Omar Matar
27-Oct Sunday 9:00 Orthodontics Omar Matar
2-Nov Saturday Mini-Mock 2 Online
3-Nov Sunday 9:00 Mini-mock discussion - Online Yousef Mersal
8-Nov Friday Mock 1 Online
9-Nov Saturday 9:00 Discussion Omar Matar
17-Nov Sunday Mock 2 Online
18-Nov Monday 9:00 Discussion Yousef Mersal


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